About Me

LPGA Professional Golf Instructor Director of Instruction at Eagle Ridge Golf Course & Assistant Golf Pro at the Bay Club of Mattapoisett

 This new career started in 2014 after discovering that I have a gift to see things in a swing. Being only as the 5th female to graduate Keiser University of Golf as of 2014, I have learned  a lot about how people think and the psychological aspect of this wonderful  sport. This journey has been both exciting and humbling. Using the most simplistic approach of teaching the golf swing has proven to be quite successful for me.

My Teaching Method

I was excited to learn my teaching method is a classic old school approach, most famously taught by Ernest Jones back in the early 1900's


Having trouble finding the game within?

I"ll look at your swing.  I"ll  interview you about your game;  past sports, possible injuries, if you have any new parts,😊 what's the worst and best part of your game. Then we will work together to find the best solution.

Sabrie (516)769~1608

LPGA Professional


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