April /Oct I'm at Eagle Ridge Oct/ April. I'm at Philly Cricket Club

April /Oct I'm at Eagle Ridge Oct/ April. I'm at Philly Cricket Club

April /Oct I'm at Eagle Ridge Oct/ April. I'm at Philly Cricket Club April /Oct I'm at Eagle Ridge Oct/ April. I'm at Philly Cricket Club



Don E

Amazed at how you do it!  You take a the carton of broken eggs I bring you, and you make an omelette and an incredible soufflé! How you do it, I’ll never know!  But don’t stop!!!  Thank you!! Really..............!

Rich K

I was apprehensive about taking lessons, but you put my mind at ease from the start. Your understanding of individual abilities and methods to improve upon them is what in my opinion makes you a true professional. Your knowledge of the sport is evident and your inspiration to enjoy golf is certainly contagious! Cannot thank you enough. 

Skip S

Sabrie - helped me connect so much better on my golf swing. I needed to fix my grip ( which she did) and showed me how to completely finish my swing. I was stopping short and finishing high not really finishing.. what a difference. My score has dropped from the high 90’s to mid 80’s...
Thanks Sabrie

From Janice L

I had only one private lesson with you, Sabrie.  I can't tell you how much that one lesson has improved my game and my confidence!  And you keep teaching me since then with your golf tips which I always look forward to reading!  You are a gem; and so glad to have a female pro!!!

Lyn M

I have been playing golf for many years and now a senior ladie golfer. I had to have a hip replacement a year ago so was so not sure how things would go when I returned. I decided to go and take some lessons and thought I would have to learn all over again. I found Sabrie and took several lessons with her and she gave me my confidence back to swing the club, I have changed my swing slightly but after she changed my set up and my stance etc I am back playing weekly and enjoying my game once more.  I do go and do her clinics especially when I find something that isn’t quite working, and she puts it right for me.  She can see at a glance what I am doing wrong, she just tells me and don’t fill my head with too much information, after all it’s supposed to be fun, right. Thank you Sabrie.

Sue H

I have played golf for many years and just could not improve, then I went to see Sabrie. Instead of trying to change everything about my game, she worked with what I had and massaged it.  I am playing the best golf of my life and much to my Husband dismay I have even beat him a couple of times.  My confidence increases because my game is coming together and I'm looking forward to the day I have that breakthrough game. Thank You Sabrie


From Jerry S

Hi Sabrie, I very much enjoyed our lesson Friday. I have practiced and played since and have seen much improvement.  Looking forward to seeing you this Friday.

From John A

Thank you so much Sabrie. You are one of the best instructors I have had the pleasure to work with. The adjustments you made have been so easy to implement. In just a few weeks my handicap was lowered 3 strokes. I look forward to what else you can teach me.

From Susan D

I beat my husband by 2 strokes, he usually beats me by eight. I have never been so excited about my golf game, Thank you!

From Paul L

Thank you for my last lesson.  You make it so easy to understand what I need to do to  make my swing better!!!

From Bill N

I can't believe all I had to do was finish my swing. I gained distance and direction. I shot my best round in my life yesterday 78

Thank you! Thank you!

From Sherry R

Hi Sabrie,
Just want to say I am excited about my golf lessons and look forward to the next. I actually golfed this morning and was able to use what you helped me with yesterday.  Had some great shots!
I can't wait until my next lesson.  

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